Photography Contract

You are entering into a contract with Matt Pendleton Photography. Please review the terms below and complete the online form. For the form below, CLIENT refers to you.


Matt Pendleton Photography, and its assigns, owns full copyright privileges to any photos, images, or video produced during any photo session regardless if the client pays or does not pay for services. These copyright privileges are perpetual and cannot be revoked at any time. Matt Pendleton Photography reserves the right to license any photos or videos produced during a session. For licensing of private sessions, Matt Pendleton Photography will notify Client via written notice at least 72 hours prior to licensing. 

The client agrees that they give up the right to any copyright on any photos, videos, or imagery produced during any session.

The client will receive a license that matches the client's needs for photos from the shoot. If a license is needed that is not part of the standard offering, client must notify Matt Pendleton Photography prior to shooting.

Responsibilities of Client

  • Client must be 18 years of age or older to work with Matt Pendleton Photography

  • Client must bring proper ID to all sessions

  • Client agrees to show up no later than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled and agreed upon session start time

  • Client agrees that the session photography time will start at the scheduled and agreed upon session start time

  • Client will notify Matt Pendleton Photography at least 72 hours in advance for any cancellation or rescheduling

  • Client will bring payment, in the form of check or cash, to the session

  • Client will pay any fees associated with overdraft or cancellation of checks, if used for payment

  • Client will notify Matt Pendleton Photography, at least 24 hours prior, if they will bring additional persons to a session

  • Client will only publicly post photos with watermark on social media and attribute all photos posted on social media to Matt Pendleton Photography for all posts in perpetuity

  • Client agrees to accurately fill out all contact information below

Responsibilities of Matt Pendleton Photography

  • Matt Pendleton Photography will be ready to shoot for any session on-time

  • Matt Pendleton Photography may bring an assistant to any session

  • Matt Pendleton Photography may record "behind-the-scenes" photos or video during any session

  • Matt Pendleton Photography will delivery photos to client based on terms listed in "Delivery of Photos"

  • Matt Pendleton Photography will not deposit any checks or cash until "Delivery of Photos" terms are completed

  • Matt Pendleton Photography will not share any client contact information with any third-party

  • Matt Pendleton Photography will determine what equipment is needed for any session

Delivery of Photos

Matt Pendleton Photography will provide photos electronically via a packaged download link. This link will be emailed to the client no earlier than 7 business days following a session. If a different delivery time is needed, client must make Matt Pendleton Photography aware prior to shooting. A written document or email is required to changes to delivery time.

Matt Pendleton Photography will only provide photos that it deems high-quality and are post-processed or edited. All negatives or RAW photos will remain property of Matt Pendleton Photography and will not be distributed to the client at any time. Unedited images are not able to be provided to client at any time.

The client will receive high resolution photos with and without a watermark. In the cases where services are provided free of charge or in "trade-for-time" manner, only high resolution photos with a watermark will be provided.


By completing and submitting the form, you are agreeing to the terms of this photography service contract.

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